Procedure for uploading employee photos into SAP-HR IT002


Step2 Click on Store and Assign the below screen will appear. Then click create.


To delete archived document:

Tcode: OAAD  

click Find. In document type field select HRICOLFOTO and after execute you get a list of all documents. Select appropriate document and click on delete icon.  

4.7 Version

 1).Use SICF Tcode: that displays lot of services. Under sap --> bc there is a service called content server interface. Activate this service.  

2).Now Create the A2 repository with Tcode: OAC0.  

3).While creating the repository, keep the Document Area blank, Storage type as R/3 database, Rep. Sub-type will appear as Normal by default, Version No. as 0046 and in Contents table put 'SDOKCONT1' as the table name.  

4).Now upload the picture using Tcode: OAAD

Additional Information for ESS/MSS

And we can call and show the existing photo in MSS/ESS using standard RFC

For more details

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