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Now come to the view and design the view according to our needs. Here I have added only one input field and bind to the MATNR attribute which I have created in the view.  


Create an action called ‘OK’ as show below  

In the WDDOINT method of the view write the following logic  

Write the following code in the ONACTIONOK method  

Now save and activate the Web Dynpro Component.  

I have already created the HCM Process and Forms as specified above.

Now we need to add the Material Field MATNR in the form scenario as show below  

We need to pass the custom Web Dynpro Component to the HCM Process and Forms when we trigger the User event from the Adobe forms. For that we need to have the standard field “HRASR_FORM_WINDOW” in our Form Scenario.  

Usually we can’t added the field which starts with the name “HRASR” , so we need to go to the ISR configuration in the IMG and add it there.

Select the ISR ZHLP which we have created earlier and select the Version and Characteristics.  

Now add the Field “HRASR_FORM_WINDOW”  with the field type “WDY_COMPONENT_NAME” and save the config.

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