HCM Process and Forms - Custom Search Help


Now go to the ADOBE Form  Z_ISR_HRASR_ZHLP and in the interface of the Adobe form add this field manually. (When we re-generate the ISR this HRASR_FORM_WINDOW field will be removed, so every time we need to check whether this field is available in the interface of the Adobe form and also in the context).  

Save and activate the interface and go back to the Adobe form and add this field to the context.

Design the Form, add the Input field and bind it to MATNR field, add ISR EVENT button and write the logic as show below. Save and activate the form.  

Now test this Process.

Click the “Search Material” Button

Click F4 on the Material No. Field, the Material Search help would appear as shown below.  

Select the material from the list and click ok  



Finally it will bind the selected values to the Adobe form Fields.  

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