Selection Views in SAP ABAP (HR)


For Example,

Let us group fields of table PA0002 in function group 01 and fields of table PA0021 in function group 02.


1) Table - PA0002

2) Table - PA0021

Note: In the right hand side you see check box's for those fields for which grouping is done i.e. for those fields which are selected. This checkbox determines if you want field to be preselected in the selection screen.      

Once the grouping is done as shown above. Press Save.  

The selection view "PNP_VIEWTEST" is created.  

Using the Selection View in the Program via Report Category  

Step 5: Go to Attributes of the Report in Edit Mode.  

Select "HR Report Category" Button  

Step 6:  

Choose the report category which you are using for your report. By Default it is blank.    

On Selecting "Report Category",  


Under tab "Select View for Dynamic Selections" enter Type as "CUS" and Name "PNP_VIEWTEST" (selection view created above)

Press Save and Go Back.  

Execute Report.  

When you select the Dynamic Selection Screen Button, dynamic selection screen appears as:  


The dynamic Selection screen is displayed with the selection view "PNP_VIEWTEST" which we created above.  

In the left side you can see two folders: Personal Data and Family Data. These are nothing but the function groups we had created. Also the fields highlighted in green are those fields for which preselect check box were selected. These fields can be seen as default parameters in dynamic selection screen. You can add delete the fields as per your requirement.  


Steps for creating Selection View have been explained in detail in this document.

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