Creating Normal program (BDC, ALV Report) by using LSMW in non-development clients


Save and come back.  

Step 11:  Maintain fixed Values, Translations, User -Defined Routines 

Nothing should be done in this step. (We will go for this step rarely). 

Step 12:  Specify files:

Here to specify files take file from legacy data (on the pc front end) .  

Create Text file with field name DUMMY1.  and specify the file.  


Click on legacy data and click create button. And browse for your flat file on your pc . (create flat file for your structure in  second  step.).  


And press continue.

Now save and come back.  

Step 13 : Assign Files  

Step 14 : Read Data  

Step 15: Convert Data  


Press F8.



Go to transaction ME33K and check the contract.  



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