Using BAPI in LSMW

By Suresh Kumar Parvathaneni


21.  Select the step “Assign Files” and click on Execute.

Assign the file provided to the source structure. Here the same file is provided for both the structures.

Save and return to the main screen.

22.  Select the step “Read Data” and click on Execute.

Click on Execute.


Return to the main screen.

23.  Select the step “Display read data” and click on execute.

Click on the structure name to get the field level values.



24.  Return to main screen and now select “Convert Data”.


25.  Return to the main screen and select “Display Converted data”.


26.  Return to main screen and select “Start IDoc generation”.


27.  Now select the step “Start IDoc Processing” on the main screen.



28.  Return to main screen and click on “Create IDoc overview”. Here the data record and status records of the IDoc could be viewed:



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