Migrating Customers along with relationships (CRM) using LSMW


4        Step by Step Process for uploading BP master data:

The screenshot as in Fig-04 displays the fourteen steps required for loading Business partner data along with their relationships:


Fig-04: Fourteen steps involved in LSMW 

The following pages describe each of those fourteen steps and key points to be remembered in each step.

4.1  Maintain Object Attributes

In this step a Recording needs to be created (using GOTO -> Recordings overview in menu bar as shown in Fig-05) using Transaction code BP.  


Fig-05: Create Recording. 

Once recordings overview is clicked the following screen as in Fig-06 will be displayed. Enter a name and description to the recording.


Fig-06: Enter details for the Recording.

Enter the transaction for which the recording is to be done as shown in Fig-07 


Fig-07: Transaction BP has been entered. 

Here the Business partner category needs to be chosen, under which the customers should be created. Click on Organization as shown in Fig-08: 


Fig-08: Click on Organization



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