Migrating Customers along with relationships (CRM) using LSMW


4.2 Maintain Source Structure 

Go to main menu in LSMW as shown in Fig-04 and click on second step: Maintain Source Structure and the following screen as in Fig-15 will be displayed:

Click on create icon, enter a name and description to the source structure and click on continue. Then save the source structure and click on Back icon on the top of the screen.  


Fig-15: Entering details of source structure

4.3  Maintain Source Fields

Go to LSMW Menu screen as shown in Fig-04 and Go to Third step: Maintain Source Fields. 

Select the source structure that was created and click on Table maintenance as shown in Fig-16  


Fig-16: Maintain Source Fields 

Once Table Maintenance has been clicked, enter Field name, Data type and Length of all the fields under the required structure as it will appear in the input file. Even it is important to keep the sequence of the fields according to their position in the file. Give name to the fields and save it. Fields, that have constant value like Grouping, Role etc need not be maintained in this table and those fields need not be included in the flat file.  


Fig-17: Enter details of source fields and save 

Generally it is important to keep the data type and size of the fields same as that of the corresponding field in database table. However this might not be possible in all the cases, then the issue needs to be handled through the conversion routines.

4.4  Maintain Structure Relations

Go to LSMW Menu screen as shown in Fig-04 and Go to Next step: Maintain Structure Relations. The following screen as shown in Fig-18 will be displayed. Save it and go to next step. 

Structure relations are the mapping between the structures we have declared in the previous steps with the recording done. However the one to one mapping of the fields will take place in the next step. Here only the high level correspondence is shown 


Fig-18: Structure relationship 

4.5  Maintain Filed Mapping and Conversion Rules

In the previous step the recording is mapped to the structure. There it automatically creates a one to one correspondence with the fields of both the sides and show in this stage as tree structure. Here each source field needs to be assigned to its corresponding target field in the recording side.  A simple way to do this is to select the field from recording and press the tab “Assign source field” which will give a list of fields in the source structure and then select the filed that needs to be mapped to field in recording. 


Fig-19: Field Mapping-Initial Screen  


Fig-20: Field Mapping-Next Screen  

To maintain constant value to a field select that field in the recording and click on Constant (Ctrl+F9) Icon as shown in Fig-20 and a constant value can be assigned to that field. 

The following fields have been assigned constant values as displayed below: 

  1. Grouping : 0002(PB Number Account & Customer –External)
  2. Role : 000000(Business partner-General)
  3. Time zone: PST
  4. Relationship category: FBUR001
  5. Overview: A



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