Migrating Customers along with relationships (CRM) using LSMW


4.6   Maintain Fixed Values, Translations, User-Defined Routines 

Here the conversion rules for processing project data need to be defined. The system generates the conversion program from the structure and field relationships as well as the conversion rules. Customization required for migration of data also needs to be specified here. That is, fixed values and translation values can be assigned and definite variants for the conversion rules can also be specified here. 

Fig-21: Maintain Fixed Values, Translations, User-Defined Routines  

4.7   Specify Files

Once the previous step of mapping each field to the source structure has been done, the next step is mentioning the file path to be selected for importing.  


Fig-22: Specify the path for the file etc. 

Here apart from the physical path, other attributes of the file that is to be imported also need to be specified. For example if it is a comma separated or tab delimitated file and if the file contains the field name as Start of File etc.  

There are other file-paths that can be mentioned, such as the file for imported data, converted data, etc. if necessary we can choose to change the existing file path that has been defaulted. 

4.8   Assign Files

Once the file has been specified as in previous step, this file needs to be assigned.

So in this step select source structure and then click on save.   

Fig-23: Assign file

4.9   Read/Import Data

Once assign the file has been assigned, next step is to execute the program as shown in Fig-24 to import the data from the file and put in the structure maintained earlier. For reference the test file that is imported is given below. This is a tab delimitated text file with header row. When it s run, the above program gives the output as in Fig-25. However the successful import data can also be seen from the main menu.

Fig-24: Import / Read data

Fig-25: Result of the execution of import program.



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