Migrating Customers along with relationships (CRM) using LSMW


4.14  Run Batch input session 

This is the final step where system processes the session to get all the data upload into the database through the given transaction (here BP- creating a Business Partner). For this it takes to the session over view screen as in Fig-27 and asks about the way of execution whether it should execute in the foreground or in the back ground. So select the line item and click on process icon on top. A new window pops up as shown. Then the type of processing mode needs to be selected. Processing mode Display errors only has been used which would display any errors encountered during creating business partners. 


Fig-27:  Session overview and selection of Processing Mode. 

Once this step is processed, system will upload all the 450 Business Partners as in flat file into the respective database tables.

In this document since BP transaction has been used, so it will create 450 Business Partners in SAP CRM Database tables. To see the Business Partner data updated in the system use Transaction SE16 and follow the steps as displayed in Fig-28, Fig-29 and Fig-30. Now all the business partners along with their relationship data can be seen that have been uploaded into the CRM System using Transaction BP.  


Fig-28: Transaction SE16 and enter table BUT000


Fig-29: Intermediate screen asking for certain criteria to display Business partners. Enter the criteria and click on execute.  


Fig-30: Business partners uploaded into SAP CRM Database tables.


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