Uploading Customer Master Extended Address using BAPI method


STEP 13: Start IDOC Generation  

Execute this step to generate IDOC based on the converted file content


Information message will be displayed as shown below  


STEP 13: Start IDOC Processing  

Execute to see and process the generated IDOC and its posting status message  



RED highlight sections are our result sections which are actually additional address fields we have update through this method.  



Note: Here we have updated customer address for all existing customers in the system. There was a separate LSMW object which created all customers in the system. That time one record got created in table KNA1.So while doing Address LSMW by this method, we need to have same data related to customer (Example Customer name) and it will be updated in table ADRC  

EX: Say during customer master LOAD we have customer name as GBS Pvt Ltd and during address load we are providing a different customer name. Then the same customer number will have two different names in tables KNA1 and ADRC respectively. This point needs to be considered

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