Uploading Customer Master data using Direct Input Method


·         STEP 3: Maintain Source Fields  

Created all Source fields under the above Source Structure. And one point is very important here i.e. field sequence under the source structure should be created in the same sequence what it is given by the customer in the flat file. Click here for the file format used here. Before uploading we saved the XLS file into TXT format and then passed to the LSMW object.  

Steps to create a source field under the source structure:  

Put the cursor on the Source Structure and click on create button as shown below


Then it would ask details like field name, its description, and length and data type  

Following above steps you can create all the source fields under the source structure one by one.

Or else we can create all the fields at a time in Table maintenance mode as shown below.  



·         STEP 4: Maintain Structure Relations


Here in this step we need to map the custom source structure created by us with the standard structure available in the standard program interface. We need not to map the custom source structure with all available standard structure available.


So here is one question arise which are the sources structures of the standard program do we need to consider for mapping out of all the available structures?

As per my understanding if any particular field value which is under scope of LSMW migration and it is present in the source fields list created by us, then we need to consider corresponding source structure of standard program which contains that particular field in the program interface.


Screen-shot for Source structure mapping  

·         STEP 5: Maintain field mappings and conversion rules

This is a very important step and needs to be done very carefully. Here we need to carry out mapping between custom sources fields with the standard structure fields.

Used menu path EXTRAS-> Auto field mapping and also did the manually mapping where ever required



For manual mapping put the cursor on the destination structure field and then click on Source field button. For Example let’s do manual mapping for field KTOKD (Customer Account Group)




If we are doing mapping for a field, then we should not pass null/empty values. To avoid this we can use initial check rule from the rule button in the similar way.

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