Uploading Customer Master data using Direct Input Method


·         STEP 10: Display read data  

The data read can also be displayed by executing this step.

Double click at yellow section to see the data at field level  

·         STEP 11: Convert Data  

Execute the this step to convert the read data into a format for posting which system can understand


·         STEP 12: Display converted data  

The data converted following the above step are store in a respective file in the application server as mentioned in earlier step can also be displayed by executing this step.  


Double click on each structure if you want to see structure wise converted LSMW data  

·         STEP 13: Create Batch Input Session  

Executing this step, the standard program RFBIDE00 will run with all the converted data in its respective structures and it will create one session for processing of all records .The session can be visualised and processed in transaction code SM35 also. If session will not get created successfully, output screen will list out all the errors as shown below  


If some error is there, errors will be list out in above screen  

·         STEP 14: Run Batch Input Session 

The above created session can be processed in t-code SM35 and also executing this step will also lead to t-code SM35.  

Select the session and click on  and then process it



Click on Session Overview    and then go to LOG section  

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