Step-By-Step Guide for LSMW using ALE/IDOC Method


Step Seven: Now assign clients to the logical systems created. 


Select the client of your current system as per decision to make that system sender or receiver.


After clicking on to Goto->Details , you come to following screen. Input receiver system ‘IDC87’  to client 800.

Here in our LSMW using IDOC method, no need to assign client to sender as we are doing Inbound IDOC Processing (i.e. Receiver side). 

Step Eight: Run transaction ‘WE21’ to create File port. Give directory name as the location of your file to be read. Give dummy name for ‘Outbound file’ field. Step Nine:  Run ‘SM59’ transaction to create RFC connection. Please make sure here connection type is ‘T’ for TCP/IP .  

Step Ten: Run transaction ‘WE20’ to create partner profile for partner of receiver system (IDC87) i.e. sender system (IDC64).


Step Eleven: Create process code using ‘WE42’.

After saving this data, you go screen as below to attach function module to the process code. The process code is the representation of the function module for inbound idoc processing.



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