Step-By-Step Guide for LSMW using ALE/IDOC Method


Step Twelve: Now you can use this process code in the inbound parameters of the partner’s profile. 


Part Two:

 Following are the steps to be performed on LSMW side. 

Step One:

Enter the project, sub-project and Object name for our scenario. 


Step Two:

Click the first radio button ‘Maintain Object Attributes’ , execute and enter the message name and IDOC name into the screen as follows.


Step Three:

Click radio button ‘Maintain Source Structures’ and execute to create new source structure as follows.


Step Four:

Click radio button ‘Maintain Source Fields’ and execute to enter the fields in the source structure. Here these fields are same as the fields in segment of the IDOC created earlier.


Step Five:

Click radio button ‘Maintain Structure Relations’ and execute to create relationship between source and target structure. Here target structure is Message type ‘ZEMP_MSG’.


Step Six:

Click radio button ‘Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules’ and execute to create field mapping and a conversion rules between source structure and target structure.


Step Seven:

Click radio button ‘Maintain Fixed Values, Translations, User-Defined Routines and execute to assign fixed values to any field, to call user defined routines etc. These activities are not required in our scenario. 

Step Eight:

Click radio button ‘Specify Files’ and execute to assign file on the local workstation to the LSMW to read. The file has contents as shown below.


And now we specify the location of file here. 



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