Step-By-Step Guide for LSMW using ALE/IDOC Method


 Step Nine:

Click radio button ‘Specify Files’ and execute to specify file to source structure as follows.


Step Ten:

Click radio button ‘Read Data’ and execute to read file from local workstation as per path specified.

Step Eleven:

Click radio button ‘Display Read Data’ and execute to display data just read.


Step Twelve:

Click radio button ‘Convert Data’ and execute to create a file with extension  ‘.conv ’.


Step Thirteen:

Click radio button ‘Display Converted Data’ and execute to display the converted data.


Step Fourteen:

Click radio button ‘Start IDoc Generation’ and execute to generate the IDOC from the data provided and structure mapping done earlier in this document. For this purpose, we cam use the converted file in step twelve. After successful generation of IDOC, below shown message is displayed. 

 Step Fifteen:

Click radio button ‘Start IDoc Processing’   and execute to process the IDOC by inputting necessary selection parameters. 


Step Sixteen:

Click radio button ‘Create IDoc Overview’ and execute to show status and details of IDOC generated. This screen is similar to ‘WE02’ or ‘WE05’ transaction.


Here , as you can see , the status of IDOC is OK (Green color Bubble) and hence confirms successful processing of IDOC. 

Step Seventeen:

Click radio button ‘Start IDoc Follow-Up’ and execute to reprocess the IDOC if not posted or generated properly initially.


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