Uploading Material master data using recording method of LSMW


Step6: Now select step2 ‘Maintain Source Structure’ and click execute button. 


Step7: Place the cursor on Source structure and click create. Provide name and description 


Save and click BACK button. 

Step8: Select step3 ‘Maintain Source Fields’ and click execute button.

Press create button and provide details for Field Name, Field Description and Field Length. 


Step9: Enter all required fields as shown below 


Save and click BACK button. 

Step10: Select step4 ‘’Maintain Source Relations’.   

Save and click BACK button.

Step11: Select step5 ‘Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules’. 


Save and click BACK button. 

Step12: Select step7 ‘Specify Files’. Create a test file with the same structure as defined earlier. 


Save and return to main screen.



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