Material Master Enhancement End-to-End: Conversion Perspective


Here we can see there are three blank sub-screens are available which can be replaced with our custom screen 9001 of the custom FUGR  

STEP 3  

These newly added fields needs to be subject to standard field selection, for this we must add new entries for them to the central field table for material master maintenance (T130F).Using new entries button create two entries for two fields. Custom field selection group ranges from 111 to 120.With this step we are done with the minimum configuration which is required for Material Data Load. There are many other things which are not part of this requirement and can be explored on own.  

                                                                                                                    Different Maintainable Statuses are KDEVALBQPSZXCFG

Step 3 is a must do activity for data load through BAPI or Direct Input method.T-code is OMSR

Result for point number 2  

Run transaction MM01/MM02/MM03 and Check for our custom sub-screen as shown below.  

Possible Business logic can be developed for manual maintenance  

1: If user wants to maintain these fields online, then one Update Task  with the updation logic in it for these two fields can be logged in VBLOG table in sub-screen flow of 9001 and it will be called & useful after Final Commit through t-codes MM01/MM02.  


2: Exit EXIT_SAPLMGMU_001can be effectively used if User wants auto populate or manipulate these fields values during material creation or change activity.  

3: SCREEN-GROUP1 attribute of the screen elements fields can be used to make these fields read only for MM03 transaction.    


4: Material reference in the sub-screen can be get by using field symbols and subsequently retrieve other values based on it can be assigned to the screen fields in the sub-screen for transaction MM02/MM03.

 Demo pseudo code given below  


It’s not possible to display the whole ABAP logic here for this requirement. However there are several other alternative approaches (Exit’s, BADI’s and Enhancement Points) available which can be effectively used and source code can be developed accordingly based on the requirement.

Maintaining customer specific fields through LSMW Direct Input method. (Program: RMDATIND, Object: 0020)  

Customer-specific fields in Material Master can also be maintained or migrated using standard direct input program RMDATIND.To achieve this, we need to enhance and integrate few more structures, apart from previously done MARA enhancement and OMSR configuration. Steps are detailed out below.  

First step is to enhance structure BMMH1 of program RMDATIND. Structure BMMH1 contains the customer include CI_MMH1, which is part of the enhancement MGA0001. Add the customer-specific fields to include CI_MMH1.The names of the fields in CI_MMH1 must be identical to those of the corresponding fields in material master tables Ex’s MARA  


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