Material Master Enhancement End-to-End: Conversion Perspective


If you have not used customer structure ZMMH1 before, create it as a copy of structure BMMH1 and delete the standard fields that you do not require. You are not permitted to delete field STYPE and include CI_MMH1 when doing this. If you have already used structure ZMMH1, add include CI_MMH1 to it.  

Save and Activate both ZMMH1 and CI_MMH1.

Run program RMDATING. This program generates routines which are supplied to your customer-specific fields from the input file.

You can check function group MGAD in SE80 and activate once if not activated.  

With above step we are done enhancement and integration that require for direct input LSMW conversion. Now let’s develop the required LSMW object and check the result.  

Go to LSMW  

Maintain Object Attributes

Maintain Source Structures

Maintain Source Fields

Maintain Structure Relations

Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules

Input File containing Legacy data in Presentation Server

Execute the LSMW object after finishing all subsequent steps like Specify Files, Read Data, and Convert Data successfully.  


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