Material Master Enhancement End-to-End: Conversion Perspective


Different information message after execution of LSMW object





Result for Point Number 4  

Above example speaks about updating one customer-specific field. Following similar steps we can update more than one custom field. However this example is about material updating process. While creating Material we might require passing different other mandatory field values like Material Type, Industry Sector, and respective t-code.  

Maintaining customer specific fields through LSMW BAPI method


Customer-specific fields in Material Master can also be maintained or migrated using standard BAPI method: BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEREPLICA.

To achieve this, we need to enhance and integrate few more other structures, apart from previously done MARA enhancement and OMSR configuration. Steps are detailed out below.  

T-CODE: SWO1 BO: BUS1001006


Structures EXTENSIONIN and EXTENSIONINX can be effectively used to maintain customer-specific fields in material master. It is very much required and advised to read the documentation available for this BAPI and for above structures to have a better understanding of the process and how this BAPI works in updating custom fields.  

Respective structures enhancement and appropriate input values for different available BAPI parameters are done based on the documentation and same are detailed out below. First structures


BAPI_TE_<NAME> (<NAME> = MARAX) need to be extended.  


Parameters EXTENSIONIN and EXTENSIONINX are used for transferring data to the method. Field STRUCTURE contains the name of the structure (for example, BAPI_TE_MARA or BAPI_TE_MARAX).The remaining fields in parameters EXTENSIONIN or EXTENSIONINX contain data for the key fields (for example, the material number) and the data for customer-specific fields in the same sequence as it is present in the modified BAPI extension structures.The number of characters reserved in both parameters for the contents of the customer-specific fields must match the number of characters for the relevant field in the work area.

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