Material Master Enhancement End-to-End: Conversion Perspective


Maintain Structure Relations

Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules  


Execute the LSMW object after finishing all subsequent steps like Specify Files, Read Data, and Convert Data successfully  

Start IDOC Generation


Start IDOC Processing


Result for Point Number 4  

Maintaining customer specific fields through IDOC Method  

All the steps followed for BAPI method above also applies for IDOC method in the similar manner. Same IDOC Basic Type: MATMAS_MASS_BAPI03 and Message Type: MATMAS_MASS_BAPI will solve the purpose. Only LSMW object attribute technique will be different.  

Remaining all steps, mapping, sequence of execution and result remains same as BAPI method.  

Table TBDBE speaks about the link between Message Type MATMAS_MASS_BAPI to BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEREPLICA  


This article is developed for knowledge sharing purpose and not an official SAP document. Objective is to provide basic overview on enhancing Material Master and its content is based on my personal experiences & understanding. However Material Master is integral part of LOGISTICS module’s and special attention needs to be given during modification/extension.  

Reference taken from several SAP Notes and different SAP documentations to map the above example/solution in the system. Few notes which can be referred for further related exploration are mentioned below.  

44410    - Integrating cust.-specific fields in material master

553264 - MM01: Reference handling for user-defined MARM/MAKT fields

414020 - MASS: Customer fields are not mass-maintainable

306966 - Including customer-specific fields in table T130F

186677 - User-defined extension of table MARD

107721 - User-specific enhancement of table MAKT

106527 - ALE: User-specific enhancement of table MARM

120104 - Deleting fields from structure CI_MMH1

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