Handling multiple recordings in LSMW


Below is the sample data for recoding

Click Default All to map the field name and description for all the recorded parameters.

Save it. Now recording is done for the second Key Combination(Radio Button)

Go back to the Object Attributes screen and enter the recording names in Recording field as show in the below screenshot.

To add multiple recordings, click on Interval button

Press Enter and Save it.

Step 2: Maintain Source Structures

Go back to the main screen and create the source structure.

Place the cursor on Source Structures and click on Create button.

Save and click on Back button

Step 3: Maintain Source Fields

Click on the Table Maintenance button and add fields to the source structure.

Add fields as shown in the below screenshot.

Below is the list of fields created so far.

Save and Go back to the Main Screen

Step 4: Maintain Structure Relations


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