Handling multiple recordings in LSMW


Step 12 : Display Converted Data


The converted data appears as shown in the below screenshot.

Step 13 : Create Batch Input Session

Click on Execute Button. The below application server path has the converted data.


Step 14 : Run Batch Input Session

Execute the below Batch input session.

Select the session and execute it in foreground.

According to the data, first access sequence is selected and data is filled in the screen as shown in the below screenshot.

Save the transaction.

The second record in the attached text file, is for the 2nd access sequence. According to the data, second access sequence is selected.

Sample Data:

Click here for the test data used.


As a result of this tutorial, the user will be able to

  • Create multiple recordings in LSMW

  • Switch to the appropriate recording according the data from the flat file.

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