Upload Purchase Order data using multiple flat files (LSMW)


d). create the source structure for Item data and Save it.  


e). You will the screen like this.



a). Double click on ‘Maintain Source Fields’.    

b). click the zheader (source fields) and click the copy fields (CTRL+F8) and select the radio button ‘Date file (Field name is 1.line)’ and press Enter .  

c). Give 99 or more for two fields and press Enter.


d). Browse the header file for source fields and press Enter.  

e). Source fields created as below.


f). Click the zline (source fields) and proceeds the same procedure as above step and the source fields created for Item data, then below screen appears. Finally Save and go Back.


Double click on ‘Maintain Structure Relations’

a). Click the Purchase order header  and create the Relationship or CTRL+F4.


b). After created the relationship for header and select the source structure zheader and press Enter.  


c). Then Click the second one (Purchase order item) and do the same procedure for Create the Relationship and assign source structure for Item.

d). Save and Back.


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