Upload Purchase Order data using multiple flat files (LSMW)



a). Double click  on  Assign Files’ and click zheader  and then click the ‘Assignment  button or (CTRL+F2).


b). Select the header file and press Enter.

c). Assign files for Item data and click the Assignment button. Then Save and go Back.  



a). Double click on  Read Data’ and press F8.  


b). After the execution and make sure ‘Not written’ is 0 like the below screen and go Back.



a). Double click on  Display Read Data’ and Dialog screen appears and press Enter.

b). If you want to check the data, just double click on the fields.

c). Verify the data should be correct or not and go Back.  



Double click on ‘Convert Data’ and  Check with that below screen.  


Double click on ‘Display Converted Data’ and Check with that below screen.  


Double click on ‘Start Direct Input Program’ and Click the radio button ‘With database update’ and ‘Log with error messages’.  Then press F8.

Step V:  

Once, the database updated successfully, you will get the screen as shown below and in the meantime Purchase order numbers also created.  

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