Using Routines and exception handling in LSMW


Step8: : Select step4 ‘’Maintain Source Relations’. 


Save and click BACK button. 

Step9: Select step5 ‘Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules’. 


Step10: Place the cursor on the desired field and click fixed value button on application tool bar. Choose the valid value in the VALUE field. And click ENTER button. 


Now the screen appears like this. 

Step11: Place the cursor on the field for which we want to translate and click the RULE on the Application tool bar. Select Translate radio button. 


Step12: Provide name and press enter. 


 Step13: Now perform statement appears in the field as shown. 


Here, SKIP_TRANSACTION function is used to control not to create ERRORNESS record. 

Step14: Select step6 ‘Maintain Fixed Values, Translations, User-Defined Routines’ and execute.

Double click on G_MEINS. Then the following screen appears. Made the changes in length as per our requirement. 



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