Assigning a Transaction Code to LSMW


Then add the screen variant created.

Click ‘Change’ button in the menu.

PFB the next screen. Click on ‘Menu Functions’ button. A pop-up appears on the screen. Provide the program name(/SAPDMC/SAPMLSMW) and status (0100). Then click on ‘Deactivate functions’ button.  (This step is used to deactivate the menu items.)

Select the following items from the menu items and click ‘Continue’.

Click on ‘Save’ and ‘Back’.

Process of creating a TCODE:  

Go to transaction SE93 and provide a name and then press ‘Create’. A pop-up appears as below. Select the radio button ‘Transaction with Variant’ and click ‘Enter’.  

Provide the transaction variant created in SHD0 and check ‘Cross Client’ and save.


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