Uploading Vendor Master data using Recording Method


Now select ‘Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules’ and click Execute 


Now we need to assign the relationship between source structure (of the input file) and the target structure (from the recording). 

Select the field from the list and click on “assign source field”:


Save and go back to the previous screen. 

Select the option “Specify files” and click on Execute.



Select the option “Legacy Data” (on the PC) and click on Add entry. 

Provide the location of the test data file and other details as shown below:


Click on Continue, next SAVE.


If you get any error like this:


Then click on Converted data file, and reduce the file name. 

Now select the option “Assign files” and click on Execute:



Since we have only one file to upload, the file is already assigned to the structure. 

Save and go back to the previous screen.



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