Understanding "ABAP Unit"


Executing Unit Tests:

    For program,

                Program -> Test -> Unit Test.  

    For class,

              Class -> Unit Test.  

    For Function Module,

               Function Module -> Test -> Unit Test.  

Result of Unit Test:  

If both the actual and the expected result is same, then Unit test does not find any errors. In that case one message will be displayed on status bar like, 


If it finds errors then a result will be displayed as follows:          


The task is displayed in a tree structure with a Program name, Class name and method name. Both the expected and the actual results can be seen in the Unit test results. Also in the stack it will be displaying the line number where the error occurred. By double clicking the line number we can enter into the source code.  

ABAP Unit results in Code Inspector:

We can see the ABAP unit results in code inspector. While creating the variant, check for the ABAP unit in Dynamic check.                               


In the Code inspector results we can check for the ABAP unit errors, warnings and informations.  

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