Abstract Classes and Methods in Object Oriented Programming


To define method "AREA" as an abstract method,  

Go to "Attributes" tab, check the check box "Abstract"  

When you click on the "Abstract" check box, pop-up window is displayed,

then press  button.  

Then press "Change" button.  


A successful message is displayed like "Method changed successfully"


Creating Sub Class:  

TCode: SE24  

Enter the name of class as 'Z_DEMO_ABS_SUB_CLASS' and press Create Button to create sub class  


A pop-up window is displayed, then select "Class" radio button and

Press enter  


It goes to next screen, here you enter the Description of the class and then

Select the inheritance button   , to inherit the super class then press    button


Enter the Super class name as "Z_DEMO_ABS_CLASS", which is being created earlier and press  button.  


The Attributes and methods defined in the super class will automatically come into the sub class. See the below screen shots.  


Go to the Methods tab, select the "AREA" method and click on

"Redefine" button  

If you are not Redefine the method and trying to activate the class, it gives syntax error.

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