Abstract Classes and Methods in Object Oriented Programming


Here you can write the code


Write the code In between Method and End Method

                Method AREA

Write the below code  

method AREA

*  Local Data Declarations
  DATA: lv_count TYPE i,
        lv_res TYPE i.

* initialize Count value to '1'
  lv_count = '1'.

  DO 10 TIMES.
    IF lv_count <= '10'.
      lv_res = v_num * lv_count.
*     Displa the multiplication table for a Given Number
      WRITE: / v_num,
*     Increment Count value
      lv_count = lv_count + 1.
* Clear variable
  CLEAR: v_num.


Then save and activate the class and method.

Finally execute the class  (F8)  

It goes to below screen

Enter the number under V_NUM as "6" and press execute button .


The out will be displayed like below.

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