Visibility of Methods in Global Classes


Automatically all the visible methods of the super can be seen in the methods section of this class.

The visible methods will be Public, Protected and Static Methods.

If you want to add more functionality you can redefine this by selecting the method and pressing the rounded button below.

You cannot redefine the static method of the super class.

Here I had created a method zinh_public where I code that in the below way. Both the methods Zpublic and Zprotected which area Public and protected methods of super class can be called as it own methods. So we called it as me->*****

We can also call Static methods from the subclass methods as its own methods but we cannot access private methods .private methods of a class can be accessible to only friends of the class.

Now I had created a simple report which uses the above created global classes and its methods.

In the below report I had created an instance of the super class and tried to call the Private and protected methods. System gives the errors as below.  

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