SAP Data Archiving


5.     Archiving Classes Used.

As shown in the Fig.6., this contains the details about the archiving classes used by the particular Archiving Object.  

Fig.6. Archiving Classes Used.

6.     Read Programs.

This contains the details about the read programs which is used by both the archiving objects and Archiving Class to read the data from the Archive files.

Fig.7. Read Programs.

7.     Customizing Transactions.

This contains the transaction code for the application-specific customizing for the relevant archiving object. Once this code is entered, you can go directly from transaction SARA to the application-specific Customizing transaction, which is often used for entering residence times for an archiving object.   

Fig.8. Customizing transactions.

8.     Info Tables for Archive Files.

This contains the list of database tables that will give the archive file name, the criteria for archiving and other related information.  

Fig.9. Info Tables for Archive Files.

9.     Exit Routine Assignment Generation.

This contains details about the customizing code (user exits/ Business add in) in the archive and delete programs.  

Fig.10. Exit Routine Assignment Generation.

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