Creating Web Services in CRM


Once the selection is done, click on the Next Button and it will take to the Maintain Attributes window, where we can review the fields.

If any field is missed, Previous Button can be clicked and the field can be selected again.

If there are some extra fields, that have been selected, click on the Radio Button Exclude in front of that screen and the field will be excluded from the selection.  

Once the Review is done fro all the fields, Press the Next Button.  

Click on the Expert Mode Button and you will see the details on the Right Side.  

Now Click on the Save Button.  


Once the Web Service is saved, Click on the Check Button to check for any errors or any issues with the Web Service.  

Once the Check is done, Press the Activate Button to Activate the Web Service.

The activation take some time as all the Function Modules and other related components for a Web Service are created.  

Once it is Activated, Press the Productive Button. The Web Services is required to be made active to be available by other Services.  


Once the Web Service status changes to Productive, The Save Button is required to save the Productive state of the Web Service, else this state is lost and Web Service becomes Non Productive.  


The Web Service is now ready to be used for other services.

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