Employee Leave Process using CAF GP


Click on next. 

Click on Finish.

Now test the callable object.



In the same way create 3 more actions & corresponding callable objects APPROVE REQUEST, BOOK REQUEST, and SUMMARY).   

For the Approve Request callable object select: com.sap.caf.eu.gp.example.timeoff.wd.approve.CApprove 

For the Book Request callable object select:


For the Summary callable object select:


For the input and output parameters we take the default one & just click on “Next”.

For the Summary CO we set the configuration & make the operation mode to “Execution Mode”.

6. Next we consolidate the roles. Click on the ‘Roles’ tab for the time off process block.


The processor for Create Request & summary are done by employee & hence are consolidated into the Employee Role.

The Processor for Approve request & Book request are renamed to Approver role & HR Admin role respectively.


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