Automatic logon to SAP using GuiXT script

By Moti Maor, PAZ Oil Refinery Ashdod

If you're tired of entering the username and password in every SAP system you enter during you work day, this document will help you by automating the entrance to sap systems and skipping the logon screen using a simple GuiXT script (GuiXT is free available for every SAP system).

Step 1 - Activate GuiXT

First step is to activate GuiXT by clicking on icon   , available on title toolbar of SAP GUI screen,  select Activate GuiXT.

Step 2 - Create Logon Script  

To automate the logon need to build a script file (text file) by creating a simple text file in specific directory on your computer.

Open a new "Guixt" directory in C:  drive and below it a second directory "scripts" ( C:\guixt\scripts ).

We save on this directory the running scripts.

Make a new text file named logon.txt in the scripts directory.  


Copy the text block script below into the text file for as many SAP systems you wish to automate the logon.  

Copy logging text block script:  

if V[_database=BEP] 
     Set F[RSYST-MANDT] "020" 
    Set F[RSYST-BNAME] 	"username"
    Set F[RSYST-BCODE] 	"password"
    Set F[RSYST-LANGU] 	"en"

Change the BEP letters into your System ID value instead.

Change the 020 letters into your Clint number instead.

Change the username and password text to yours instead.

Change the en letters to your logon language letters if you wish to logon in different language than English.

Save the file as logon.txt in C:\guixt\scripts directory.  

Step 3 – Make GuiXT Profile setting  

To make GuiXT changes we need to make the GuiXT profile window visible first, to do so we make BAT file.

Open a new text file on your desktop and copy the text (DOS commands below) into the text file and save it as Guixt_Visible.bat  

cd C:\Program Files\SAP\FrontEnd\SAPgui
guixt.exe visible


Now, After saving the file make double click on it to open the GuiXT Profile window shown.  

Click on Profile icon On the GuiXT window to make GuiXT settings.  

You will get the GuiXT Profile Windows shown:    

On the GuiXT Profile window do:

1.       Make sure the path C:\guixt\scripts is on the scripts 1 box

2.       Select the start window "Hidden" check box.

3.       Select the further options "No language key in script file name" check box

4.       Save the setting by clicking on "OK" button  

Step 4 – Use it  

Now you can automatic login without the need to enter username and password to SAP.

Open the SAP GUI icon and double click on a system you want to logon to (enjoy).

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