Getting started with GUIXT


Once all this is done, we may activate the GUIXT. The standard GuiXT tool comes as a feature in SAP system installations. There are actually 4 components, which come in GuiXT tool – GuiXT, Input Assistant, Viewer and Designer, out of which, licenses have to be purchased for viewer and Designer tools in order to use them. This tutorial teaches about the GUIXT tool only. It is to be noted that these scripts run on individual machines. That means on each user machine, we have to activate the GUIXT, in order to run these scripts as shown below:

Click on the  icon on the main screen  


After this, click on the ‘Activate GuiXT’ link so that it is checked - The moment we activate the GuiXT, it opens the GuiXT tool window. 

When running the GuiXT for the first time, we have to make the profile settings. Click on the profile button on the GuiXT tool: 


It opens a popup, where we have to define the locations of various scripts: 


The first box is Scripts 1 box - . Similarly there are Scripts 2, Scripts 3 and Scripts 4 boxes.  

Here we specify various directories. They can be on our personal PC, on the local network, on http-servers, ftp-servers or in the SAP Web Repository Directory.

These are the directories that are searched for GuiXT scripts. The search sequence is always Scripts4, then Scripts3, then Scripts2, then Scripts1. We can, for example, have company-wide scripts in Scripts1, and some scripts of our own in Scripts2.  

For this tutorial, let us create a directory named guixt in c drive and place it in Scripts 1 box as shown above. 

The History box,  is the directory used by the Input Assistant.  The history directory should be on the user's personal pc. 

For this tutorial, let us create a directory named ‘guixt history’ in c drive and place it in History box as shown above.  

Rest all other settings of the profile can be made by pressing ‘F1’ help button. After making these necessary settings, let us click on OK button on the popup and let us log off from the system. Before logging off, let us note one thing – when we click on  and see the options, the ‘Script Recording and Playback’ option is currently grayed or inactive as shown: 

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