Getting started with GUIXT


Let us log off and again open the R/3 logon screen again.  As we do that, we notice the following: 


First, the GuiXT tool opens automatically along with the various screen elements present on the screen – which are client, language. Password and user. Secondly, we see a  scripting button on the screen, which is an indication that the scripting is now enabled and working. Let us now again click on the  button on the right hand top of the screen. Doing so, we notice the following: 


We notice that the Script Recording and Playback option is no more grayed out and is active. We can use it to record any sequence of screens.  

Let us modify the logon screen using the GuiXT scripting tool. Let us put an image on the logon screen and let us change the layout of login and password.  

First of all let us put an image – say ribz.jpg in the root directory – c:\guixt: 


Now we will call this image in our script. Open the GuiXT tool and click on the Script button: 


As we click on the script button, it opens up a notepad file for scripting and gives a popup: 


“Cannot find C:\guixt\elogon.txt file”. Click on the yes button in order to create the script file for the logon screen. It creates the file named elogon.txt.  

Now, in the notepad file named elogon.txt, write the following command line.

Image (4,40) (10,65) "ribz.jpg" 

It would look like this: 

Save the file and close it. Now, on the GuiXT tool, click on the refresh button: 

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