Step-by-step guide to build object using Print Workbench


Activate it. [SHIFT + F8]


Double click on Z_TEST_WELCOME_LETTER.


User Top Include is for declaring the global data types and data objects.

User Exit Include is for declaring the exits as below.

Start Exit is for the purpose what always should be done prior to start the data fetching.

End Exit is for clearing the global data and/or what always should be done once the whole data fetching is complete.

Double click and create Include, and create the exits in the user exit include.


As this is welcome letter we will get the Business Partner details.

In the following hierarchy we can see that the tables are available, so we decide to display our business partner details here.



We are creating a text exits to write our code and display those data just below the CO_ADDRESS.

Click on the node MOVEINDOCC.

Click on Create Text [SHIFT + F4].

Give description and text name and create as child.  

Click on Pencil and ‘T’ to create the Text and Exit respectively.  

Now before writing the display variable population logic, go to the generate function module by double clicking on Z_TEST_WELCOME_LETTER.

We can see here that CONTRACT node is populated by the work area WA_CONTRACT,

In this work area all the fields of table EVER will be available.  


We will write logic to fetch the Business Partner number by using this.  

In the same manner we can see that installation structure and address structure is filled by using the work area WA_INSTALL and WA_CO_ADDRESS.

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