Step-by-step guide to build object using Print Workbench


Write the following code in the text exit created by us.

  DATA: L_WA_FKKVKP    TYPE FKKVKP.  (Include this in top include).

    UP TO 1 ROWS

Now we have got all our necessary data into the work areas namely L_WA_FKKVKP (Locally defined in exit of structure for table FKKVKP), WA_INSTALL (output type V_EANL) and WA_CO_ADDRESS (output type EADRDAT) and WA_CONTRACT (Output Type EVER).  

And the move-in letter is generated per contract ( that means for 1 Business Partner and 1 contract account, there is always going to be single entries, that’s why work area is considered instead of internal tables)  

Straight away we can write the WORKAREA-FIELD while displaying the output upon clicking on the pencil button of the text node created (after activating this).

Go back to the main screen and again activate this.

Let us create one more text to display the FKKVKP entries that we have fetched.

Don’t create any exit for code in this newly created text exit; this is only for display purpose,

Write the variables you want to display as described below.

Now execute the PWB object, with one valid (live) contract.


Select the following parameters or you can generate spool by checking the SAP script format as spool of the above screenshot and clicking the new spool request of the below screenshot.

Here is the output displayed in the script. (Installation Status has no values in the table, hence blank).

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