Creating ITS application and handling ITS URL with Custom values passed as Parameters


Creating a web transaction

 Go to transaction SE93 -> click the radio button ‘Easy Web Transaction’ -> Enter the name of the Internet Service -> Double Click on the Internet Service -> Publish the service

                                    Fig 4 – SE93 Screen

On the next screen, click on the ‘Parameter’ Tab. Enter the following values.

       Fig 5- Parameters Screen

Next, click on the Publish button. The web transaction is now ready to use. This action publishes the web transaction to the site: INTERNAL

Creating Internet Service

Go to transaction SICF -> Create a sub Element under the path: sap/bc/gui/sap/its/             

                                    Fig 6 – SICF – Create ITS service element               

Example: Ztest is an independent service created (Fig 4). Notice that the GUI Link is set to ‘Yes’. Click on ‘GUI Configuration’ -> enter TRANSACTION as your transaction and THEME = 99. (Fig 7 and 8)

                                                  Fig 8 – Independent Service screen

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