Internet Transaction Server (ITS) mobile - Developing ITS templates from scratch


Ø  Generate ITS templates for each screen.

1.     In SE80, to generate ITS template for each screen of your program (only if it’s not already generated), right click on the screen number -> Go to ‘Create template’. Usually, the HTML template for the first screen gets generated while creating the Internet Service itself.



2.     Select the service that was created, Theme as 99 & select the Generating style as Mobile devices (Without HTML tables).

3.     An HTML template is generated as shown below:

This is open to any modification to suit the user’s requirements.

4.     Save & publish the template by clicking on ‘Publish Template’ button.

5.     Repeat Steps 1-4 for all the screens of the program. A hierarchy of HTML templates is created as shown below:


Ø  Generating ITS templates for existing transactions:

The HTML templates for the screens of standard transactions are not already available in the system. Here, HTML templates can be generated either by using the default template generator or by creating your own Generation Style.

1.     If you are using the default template generator, you do not have to generate the templates for all the RF screens of standard transactions. All you need to do is, add the parameter ~generateddynpro = 1 in the parameter list of the Internet Service.

This will enable automatic generation of HTML templates for the screens for which they’re not already generated. Also, these screens will have standard SAP look.

For performance enhancement, it is better if the HTML templates are generated explicitly for each screen of standard TCodes in se80 as shown above.

2.     If you want to create your own template generation style, you need to derive your own class from the existing class CL_ITS_GENERATE_HTML_MOBILE & then while creating the template for each screen, under ‘Generation style’, select your newly-generated style.  

Ø  To run the ITS application:

Option 1:

In Transaction SICF, Right click on the service that is created and Test Service.

Option 2:

In SE80, Right click on the Internet Service that is created & click on ‘Start Service’.

After asking for the credentials, it will open a webpage and will display the application as seen in a handheld device:

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