Creation of Client Proxy (Consumer Proxy) for a Web Service


5.     The following screen appears.  


Click on the complete button.  

6.     After clicking on the complete button the following pop-up appears asking for filling the user id and password.  


This user id and password is of that system in which web service exists. (Permission to use the web service of another system).  

Provide the user name and the password and Click on the OK button.  

7.     The following screen appears and the proxy is created.  


Save and activate the proxy. This Proxy is nothing but a class which exists in SE24.

The name of the proxy is always like this: Consumer Proxy Prefix + CO + Name of the Web Service.  

When we open the class in SE24 it looks like this.  


Where ZWS_FM is our RFC FM for which we have created a client proxy.  

8.     Go to T-Code ‘SOAMANAGER’ and give the name of the Client Proxy which you have created. (In the search by drop down select Consumer proxy).  


9.     Apply Selection and go to configuration tab to create the Logical Port.  


Provide the logical port name and its description.

URL for WSDL Access: WSDL of the web service

Provide the user name and the Password of the system in which web service exists and click on apply settings.  

10.  The Following Screen Appears.  


Click on save button. The binding for the web service activated.  


11.  Now Create an Executable program and write the following code to call the RFC FM.  

a)     Create an object of the proxy class and provide the name of the Logical Port.

b)    Then call the RFC function module with the help of that object.

CREATE OBJECT lo_object      
EXPORTING logical_port_name = 'ZPORT_LDS'.

CALL METHOD lo_object->zws_fm


  input  = ls_input

output = ls_output   .
CATCH cx_ai_system_fault .
CATCH cx_ai_application_fault .

This client Proxy object calls the RFC FM (The RFC Function Module which is made in SYSTEM-1) .The Output of the Method can be used for further processing.

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