Test drive an enterprise service from the system


Test-driving an enterprise service from the System  

Sometimes you might want to test-drive the enterprise service before downloading it to ensure you are consuming the right service with the right attributes and functionalities.

Using the same Service Operation respectively enterprise service we can test-drive the enterprise services with the Web Service Navigator

After selecting the particular enterprise service use CTRL + F8 or select Web Service Homepage from the menu button or use .

In a new window the Web Service Navigator opens after selecting the new document style.

You might be prompted to log on again with your account. You’ll be shown the following screen in the browser.


Observe from the above screenshot that there are 5 steps to Test or consume the Enterprise service. They are

  1. Select service
  2. Select Interface
  3. Select Operation
  4. Enter Input Parameters
  5. Obtain the Result

After observing a WSDL URL being automatically referring Sales Order display, use

You will be prompted for User authentication. Provide the User Name and Password.

It follows for selecting an Operation.

Now you need to select the operation ‘SalesOrderByIDQueryResponseIn’. You will be taken to the next step in testing this Enterprise Service as observed in the screen shot below.


Before testing this application, let us have the view of the sales order, which we would be retrieving from the back end.


In the step of ‘Enter Input Parameters’, you are provided with an entry against Simple content. To retrieve the sales order 9999, enter 9999 as shown below.



Select . You will get to see the result as shown below.

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