Steps to create translation environment


Now click the activate button on object list window it creates a background job, wait until background job completes. In spool we can see the selected objects for translation.


10. Create one work list by clicking work list button, give the description and then save. This work list is assigned to evaluation in the next step.        

11. Click Evaluations button. To create evaluation click create button on the evaluations window.  

Give the work list number, click NoEntries button against object list to select the object list similarly for Object Types, Graph and target language and save.          Click Activate button in evaluation window which creates background job wait until it completes.

Now go to SE63 transaction. Go to menu work list click standard. Set source and target language and give the work list number.

Check Reset Worklist/Reservation and press ok button.

In the next screen go to object list tab, give the object list number, check the Deactivation selection and click the load objects buttons.

It shows the list of categorized objects. Just double click the object to give the translation text. 

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