Working with SPAU and SPDD during SAP Upgrade


You will be getting a status message 

And hierarchy will be extended to one more step with date, user, role, transport request details.  

Once you done with this, entire modification adjustment completed successfully.

To make sure, just see the hierarchy, if you don't find single object or single hierarchical step as green, then corresponding adjustment not yet done completely.

ABORT CASE - Corresponding Error handling.

If any of the object having problem, it goes to abort type and an abort symbol will be shown just left to the object, in this case, refer its upgrade log.

General causes for abort signal.

1. If developed object have syntax error.

2. If package assignment failed.

3. Subroutine calls failure. etc.  


Click on Abort symbol . It will take you to the following screen, where it will illustrate the reason.  

Now double click on the object name and do necessary changes and correct the respective problem.

Activate the object and come back to the modification assistant screen by pressing back button. (F3).  

Now click on refresh button. The abort symbol will vanish and green color will acquire to the object with a green color-tick mark.  


If observed at main hierarchy level, all are in green color. It means modification adjustment successfully carried out.  


Working with SPDD

Enter the Transaction code: SPDD

Following screen will be displayed.

Expand the hierarchy and follow the same procedure as illustrated in SPAU transaction.

Only difference will be here the objects you find are belongs to data dictionary.


Once done with the adjustments try to complete the process/status addition too. Otherwise the modification adjustment completion will remain the same as like earlier version.

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