Creation of a web service in SAP


Testing a Web Service.


Open the transaction WSADMIN.


Select the Web service definition you have created under SOAP Application for RFC-Compliant FMs

Select and expand the “ZWEB_GET_CURRENT_USER” and select the Web Service as shown in screen. 


You have entered the address of the application server on which the J2EE Engine is running in transaction WSADMIN under Goto  -> Administration Settings.  

Check the J2EE Server and check in your server.

Choose Web Service Homepage (Execute Button ). 

Select the “Document Style” under Style definition in WSDL.

The Web service requires authentication. 

Enter the user and password  

Click on the “Test”. 

Select the “Operations”.

Fill in values for the method parameters underneath the heading Request if required. Choose Send. 

The required values are displayed under the Response heading. The Web service has not been tested successfully. 

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