Creation and consuming of a WebService in SAP ABAP without using the obsolete transaction LPCONFIG


5.     Save a give some prefix, to your proxy name.


6.     Click on complete.


7.     Service Consumer will be created and remember to activate it immediately.


8.     Now the logical port has to be created. As the transaction LPCONFIG is obsolete, this can be done through the SOAMANAGER. Again run the SOAMANAGER and select the consumer proxy.

9.     The screen will be extended, with a part to create the logical port. Click on create under configuration tab.


10.  It will open a pop up to enter the logical port name and settings as follows. Under the WSDL location, enter the WSDL URL of the WebService to be consumed and the authentication credentials

11.  The logical port is created

12.  Now test the service consumer from the SAP GUI by clicking on execute.


13.  Enter the logical port created and exec

14.  Enter the values and execute.

15.   Result will be displayed as,

16.  Now create a program to consume the WebService in ABAP and execute.

17.  Result


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