Creating Alerts on the basis of status of the Background Jobs with the help of ABAP Query


By updating the InfoSet you can add more fields to field group and accordingly modify your Selection Screen criteria. Here we have selected only 4 fields.  

Click on “Save” button and go to previous screen and create a selection screen. Here we would define format of the selection screen.

For example: whether we a field as a Select Option or as a parameter, Sequence of the fields on Selection screen etc.


Based on the fields selected in Basic List, the fields are displayed here. You can define whether you want to display a Field as Select Option or as a Parameter. Also you can define the sequence in which the fields will be displayed on Selection Screen.

Save the ABAP Query and get the report name.

With the help of report name we can schedule a job in background and if job returns some output then mail will be sent to the people whom user wants to send alerts. Save a variant for the report with the help of SE38 transaction. The variant may depend upon the requirement of the user.  

First we will create a distribution list through SO23 transaction.


Add recipients and Save distribution list.


Go to SM36 transaction and Schedule a background job.

Enter background Job name and Enter the distribution list name in Spool List Recipient.  


Enter Program name and Variant.

Enter Date and Time to Schedule a Job and press save.  

Job is scheduled can be seen through SM37 transaction.  

The alerts will only be triggered if scheduled job returns some output. Otherwise no alerts are sent.

Whether mail is triggered or not can be seen through SOST transaction.


So in this manner we can create an ABAP Query and Create alerts for the same depending on the requirement of the user.


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