Developing SAP Query for Task List Data Extraction


Similarly select all those fields from table enlisted which you want to see in Selection and Display screen.

For example, you want to see following fields in Selection Screen

  • Material
  • Plant
  • Task List Type

And following fields in output

  • Material
  • Material Description
  • Plant
  • Group
  • Group Counter
  • Task List Description
  • Usage
  • Status
  • From Lot Size
  • UoM
  • To Lot Size
  • UoM
  • Operation/Activity
  • Work center
  • Work center description
  • Operation short Text
  • Operation Base Quantity
  • UoM
  • Standard value1
  • UoM for Std value1
  • Standard value2
  • UoM for Std value2
  • Standard value3
  • UoM for Std value3
  • Setup Group Key
  • Setup Group Category  
Note: As per your requirement, you can select/deselect additional fields in Quick viewer: Initial screen

It’s better to arrange Sort Sequence in order to get proper operation number in output for a combination of Group, Group Counter, Material, and Plant.

Check and Save the Query.

Now it’s the time to see the result of efforts that you have put in to develop this query.

So execute the transaction.  

and the Result of your efforts is  


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